Thursday, June 29, 2006

Funny Fishing Saying

We were recently in Seattle and while at Pike's Place Market, saw a very funny T-Shirt with the following fishing saying:

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day and drink beer!

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Lake Texoma Striper Report

GW Chisholm of
Trails Guide Service on Lake Texoma says the big stripers are biting right now. Read his report below:

Stripers are giving us about 2-3 hours of awesome action first thing in the morning in the Preston peninsula area.

Top water baits (large & green) are the best for the first 45 minutes for big fish. Then as the light drives them down, live bait (5-6" shad) seems to take charge producing lots of fish (2-10lbs.) for the next couple of hours.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the report GW. Everybody heading to Lake Texoma for the 4th of July weekend should be drooling right about now!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lake Tenkiller Smallie Report

I have been fishing Lake Tenkiller for about 20 years now, and I would like to report the growth of the Smallmouth population. It is BOOMING! Most of the time I am fishing for Largemouth. I still manage to catch 4 or 5 Smallies. Most of the time I have caught some really nice ones in the 2 pound range.

It only started (to me) about a year ago and seems to be getting better and better. I guess the natural progression of the lake would lean more to favoring Smallmouth and Spots with the loss of wood & vegetation in the lake. It's strange sometimes you will catch them on a piece of structure under a dock in 3 ft. of water, a total surprise when this happens! I have manage to catch some really nice ones & lost some really nice ones that I wished I hadn't.

I am excited about the progression of the lake. The Largemouth population doesn't seem to be dropping any either, which is really nice. I practice "Catch Photograph & Release".

Darris Smith, Fort Smith AR

Editor's Note: Thanks for the update Darris! We all appreciate you practicing photograph & release - it gives us all a better chance the next time we are there. What have you been catching them on? BTW - Darris has contributed to Hawg Blog before. Take a look at his 5LB Smallie pictured in the May 2006 archives - it's a nice one!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Broken Bow Alligator Gar Hoax

We have had a lot of inquiries on our main site,, concerning a record alligator gar from
Lake Broken Bow. One reader sent us the top two images as documentation of the monster gar. Unfortunately, the captions documenting this catch as coming from Broken Bow in Oklahoma are incorrect.

This monster gar was caught while bowfishing the backwaters of Sam Rayburn Reservoir near Lufkin, Texas by Keith Riehn and Robin Parks of Missouri on August 4, 2005. All totaled, the monster Texas alligator gar was slightly more than 8 feet, 2 inches in length, weighed 244.5 pounds, and measured 44.75 inches in girth - NOT the 327 pounds as noted in the second photo.

The current unrestricted division alligator gar record for Oklahoma is shown in the third picture. This 184 pound monster was hauled out of the Red River in Love County by Sean Chatham of Ardmore, Oklahoma on Feb. 25, 2006.

To view a larger version of the three pictures, simply click anywhere on the picture set.

Editor's Note: Oklahoma State records courtesy of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife conservation. The full story can be found at:

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bass Excellent on Lake Hudson

Fisherman Terry Evans reports that even though it wasn't mentioned in the last fishing report, the bass fishing at Lake Hudson has been excellent. He has fished there for 15 years and says a pumpkinseed lizard works well at depths of 4 - 10 feet.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the report Terry! Got any pictures to share with us?