Friday, December 28, 2007

Sooner Lake Bass Report

Sooner Lake Oklahoma largemouth bassFishing guide David Clark sends us this report and picture from Sooner Lake:

Here is a picture of a big bass caught recently at Lake Sooner. It weighed 7.8lbs. We caught 2 more that morning, one weighed 5.6lbs and the small one weighed 4.3lbs. In addition, we caught about 40 Hybrids and Stripers with the biggest striper being 10.lbs.
It was a GOOD morning!!

Editor's Note: Thanks for the picture and report David. To say it was a good morning is a bit of an understatement, wouldn't you say?

Time to Renew Licenses

It's that time of year again!

Oklahoma fishing licenses expire on the 31st. You will need a new license on the 1st. Click here to renew your new license securely online.

How convenient is that??

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sooner Lake in Bassmaster Magazine is referenced in the January 2008 Bassmaster magazine.
I received my January '08 issue of Bassmaster Magazine yesterday and noticed there was an article about Sooner Lake. Like, Bassmaster magazine dedicates a page to a lake and writes about the fishing opportunities and other interesting things to do in the area. Much to my surprise, the magazine references our website, specifically the Lake Sooner page!

I would like to thank Bassmaster magazine and Senior Writer Robert Montgomery for mentioning us. Our mission has always been to feature the lakes and rivers of Oklahoma, including fishing and all the other fun things to do while in the area. To be referenced by the granddaddy of all bass magazines is truly an honor. Visit them online at:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Catfish Tips & Secret Bait

Avid fisherman Jason P. sends us these catfish tips and a secret catfish bait recipe:

For those who like to catfish, after cleaning any fish, take the remaining carcasses and throw them back into the lake or pond in an area that you like to fish often. Without fail, they will attract cats into the area and it is ecologically safe and beneficial for the lake and fish. It's a natural food source and helps you on your future fishing days to catch some catfish.

On the subject of catfish, I have a secret bait that NEVER fails to bring 'ol whiskers to the dinner table...ready; Take peanut butter, strawberry soda and fresh shrimp and mix it together, bait your treble bait holder hook, and watch what happens.

Well, good luck to you all. Hope to see you out there catching fish and passing on tips and techniques to the next generation. A day on the lake is a day away from crime. Keep kids involved.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the tips and secret recipe Jason. Now that you've given us your recipe, it's not a secret anymore! Maybe you should start bottling some and make some money in the fishing business!! And Jason is right - TAKE A KID FISHING - OFTEN.

Texoma Winter Stripers

Lake Texoma Striper fishing reportAvid fisherman Jason P. sends us this report from Lake Texoma:

Here is a picture from a striper day out on Lake Texoma in late November. It was a great trip. We were trolling the flats and had four poles out with umbrella rigs. Every time we would roll over a hump or depth change, we had fish on all four poles. No joke at one time, we had 9 fish on at once!

We threw back more than 50, but I wanted to keep the ones pictured so 23 could have a fish fry for some family and friends. So I cleaned all these and we fed 20+ people and still had leftovers. All the fish were healthy and the meat was clean and tasty.

I know a lot of people cut out the red stripe when filleting stripers, but not me. I leave it in and soak them in ice water and vinegar for 24 hours, then rinse clean with cold fresh water and freeze for minimum 48 hours. Then thaw and cook. You'll never even taste any bitterness. Just a tip passed on to me from a buddy.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the picture and report Jason. What a great trip and thanks for the prep tips!

Winter Bass at Tom Steed

Lake Tom Steed Oklahoma Bass Fishing Report by Mike DiehlFuture Pro Mike Diehl sends us this report from Lake Tom Steed:

After a long two months without my boat I finally got to pick it up last week and put all my gear back together. I decided today was the day to put it on the water and check all the systems for proper operation.

Since I was having some serous fishing withdraws I couldn't help but throw a lure for an hour or two and wouldn't you know it I got lucky. Water temps were 39 degrees and the fishing was slow but I did manage to catch this nice 4lb 1 oz bass on a Bomber suspending fat free shad.
Boy do I feel better now!!!

Editor's Note:
Thanks for the report Mike.
I'll bet you do feel MUCH better now! And as I've always said, you can catch fish year round. The weather only bothers the fisherman. Get out there and catch some more!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Red River Fishing Report

Texoma airboat guides on the Red River, Stan and JC of Lake Texoma Guide Service.Last week, I went fishing with Stan and JC of Lake Texoma Guide Service on their new Red River Texoma Airboat. Although I have fished from the banks of the Red River many times behind the Lake Texoma dam, I've never been on the water down there. It was a beautiful, sunny fall day in the mid-60s with just a trace of wind.

Stan and JC had about 150 live shad for us to fish with and a little bit of chum to get the bite started. And once those river stripers started biting, it got crazy! No sooner than the bait hit the water, the stripers would hit the bait. We were reeling in fish on every single cast.

Those Red River stripers were so ferocious, we were able re-use the shad, even if it was dead, stunned, or partial - and we would continue to catch fish. In some instances, we were able to catch up to 4 fish on a single shad. Within a few hours and a couple of hundred stripers later, we ran out of shad. Good thing, because we were all completely worn out catching all those fish!!

It was certainly a new experience for me and I've been fishing Lake Texoma since 1984. I asked Stan (a 35+ years professional fishing guide) why he liked fishing on the Red River so much:

So if you are looking for some incredibly fast paced striper fishing action, I highly recommend that you call Stan and JC at 1-888-567-FISH or visit their website at

Thursday, December 13, 2007

December Tackle Box Winner

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Editor's Note: Congratulations Jenny and good luck with all your fishing adventures this year!

December Free Lures & Tackle Winner

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Editor's Note: Congratulations Ted and good luck with all your fishing adventures this year!

Lake Sahoma Bass Report

Lake Sahoma bass report
Avid fisherman Jason Price sends us this report from Lake Sahoma, just southwest of Tulsa:

I caught this bass in early November on an ultralight rod and reel with a 1/0 crappie hook.

I was fishing for crappie at the enclosed dock and landed this guy - nice surprise to nail your line when looking at 1/2 lb crappie all day long!

We weighed him up at the station there right above the dock and he weighed 4lbs. 7 ozs., well on his way to getting to be a big 'ol fat guy.

The locals say there are bass in Lake Sahoma commonly twice the size he was, so I am looking forward to some decent weather once all this ice and extreme cold goes away to get back there with some of the bass gear and hit some other spots on the lake.

Also there is another small lake directly next to Lake Sahoma, and in November, the Wildlife Department released some odd thousands of trout and catfish into, so if anyone is looking to trout fish, its a great place and perfect time of year to catch them...good luck to all.

Editor's Note: Thanks for the report Jason! Lots of times the smaller lakes are better trophy bass fisheries due to low fishing pressure and your experience proves it. Also, the Wildlife Department link above goes to the trout stocking schedule around Oklahoma.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mike D's Holiday Message

free advertising on Mike's boat, just provide the wrap.It's been an interesting year with both fishing and the weather. Not a season goes by that I don't learn something new and I hope to be back out on the water soon posting my pictures and fishing reports.

For all the folks here that enjoy the sport of fishing as much as I do - I'd like to ask that you remember those less fortunate and maybe pick up an inexpensive fishing kit for a boy or girl and make this year just as memorable for them as well.

Mike D

- You provide the wrap - I provide the space. That's it - there is no catch. Email me today at: