Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Lake Texoma fishing report stripersFishing Guide Brian Prichard sends us this report from Lake Texoma:

Spring fishing has indeed arrived! Lake Texoma water temperature has now climbed into the 60° range and the fishing is just about as good as it gets! I’m just starting to see the 1st stages of the shad spawn which means the first topwater bite of the season has begun and will last for the next 3-4 weeks or so. I’m catching my limit in about an hour right now and catching and releasing until we run out of bait. We brought back 110 fish yesterday with a 2 boat trip and we probably threw back another 50 fish. A 10 year old boy caught 24 fish by himself yesterday.

I’m catching most of my fish on anchor over a ledge in the 30’ range using live bait. The topwater bite is just starting to turn on. Using topwaters along rocky banks in front of the egrets is starting to work and will become red hot, catching a fish on almost every cast, in the next couple of weeks.

This is the end of my grand opening special ($100/person) which last until 4/30, after which, prices will be 125$/person. Book before 4/30 and you will be able to go fishing anytime through out the year for that rate. Since we are catching a limit so fast right now, you will have a few different options to fill the rest of your time. When we near the limit, I can start throwing back fish until we kill enough fish to reach the limit or we run out of bait, we can lure fish, I can go try to find a big fish, or we can try to catch some catfish. You may book your trip online or you can call me at (903)815-1609. Hope to see you soon!

Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, Brian Prichard,
Stripers Inc. (Click on pictures to view larger images.)

Editor's Note: Thanks for the report and pictures Brian. Looks like you've had some great trips! How big is the striper in the top picture?

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